Personal Injury in Spain

Personal Injury in Spain


Personal Injury Lawyers in Spain

Did you suffer personal injury in Spain and do you want help getting compensated?

We can represent you regarding accidents on public roads, medical malpractice cases or accidents at work.Get in touch with us and consult a Spanish injury lawyer about your case.

Did you sustain unjust injury in Spain?

We’re fighting for injury victims’ rights and try to obtain fair settlements. It’s in the nature of insurance business to try and minimize pay outs, offering minimal compensation and even partially or completely trying to get out of claims. Insurance companies can be scary entities to deal with and injury victims often are unaware of the complete picture of their condition and the effects it may have on the rest of their lives.

Our experienced lawyers deal with a multitude of accident and injury cases. If negligence lies at the source of your accident, it’s possible to start a personal injury lawsuit. You can claim compensation for medical costs, lost income and other damages by starting this process.

We will give your accident the attention it deserves and can clarify your rights and what you can recuperate. The compensation may add up to a lot more than you imagine.

Our lawyers assist accident victims from a wide range on circumstances and obtain the highest compensation possible.

There are frequently limited windows of opportunity to claim for damages or to file a lawsuit. Don’t add insult to injury by missing your chance to receive the best possible compensation.

Never sign anything from your insurers without seeking our advice first. An initial offer from the insurance company is looking after their best interests, not necessarily yours.

When you contact our firm, we listen and examine your situation. When your case seems admissible, we’ll invite you for a free consultation and we’ll outline the entire process.

We aim for every client to completely understand their rights and entitlements. We’ll represent them with the insurers and explain everything step by step. What we’re always trying to achieve for each client is the best possible compensation.

One type of client we represent is the person injured during their holiday in Spain. Your home insurance, travel insurance or even your car insurance may be able to repay the costs you incurred. In order to secure the best compensation, we can represent you and protect your interests.

For a free consultation, advice on the feasibility of a successful claim and indication of possible compensation; contact us.

We can also deliver liability and negligence reports and certificates of law.