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With fully bilingual staff and attorneys with international background our law firm differs from the rest for its unique approach towards dealing with the clients. We ensure our clients receive a quick response to their queries and are kept completely informed on the outcome of their legal matters. Receiving regular updates by email or telephone.
Our lawyers are always available. We represent clients all over Spain and abroad if necessary.
We are all about nurturing relationships with our customers in order to grasp their specific needs and craft the appropriate customized fiscal and legal counsel of the highest standard. The basis of the quality of our work lies in the firm understanding of our clients’ requirements.


Our Expertise

We are under regulation by the Spanish Law Society and in line with the applicable rules we adhere to the following professional and ethical code of conduct:

1) Discretion and confidentiality:

Protecting your private information is of the utmost importance to us and therefore we have strong internal guidelines governing the handling of your personal data. We will ask you for personal information, but we never pass this on to any 3rd party. Your details are only used by us to work on your behalf. Respecting your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.

2) Independence:

We work for you and only with your best interests in mind. Should a case put our independence at risk, we will immediately refuse it.

3) Security and integrity:

All our customers’ financial transactions go through their own personal accounts or through our dedicated business client account.

4) Honesty:

We charge our customers reasonable fees, solely based on the work performed and the time taken.

5) Timeliness:

Enquiries will be responded to by either e-mail or phone within 24 hours.

  • "Best lawyers I´ve ever meet."

    – J.I. Abuchdid, SEO of Invertir en Bolsa S.A.

  • "Excellent service for companies that want to outsource Law department."

    – F. Cunese, SEO of CNS Cruceros S.A.

Romina Pereyra Lawyer

Romina S. Pereyra

Partner / Head of legal

Exequiel Espinosa Viale

Exequiel Espinosa Viale

Partner / Manager.



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