Family Lawyers

Family Lawyers in Spain

Family lawyers in Spain


If you are currently facing family problems that may end up in a Court claim and you are not a national of Spain, it is advisable to count with the help of a Spanish lawyer specialized in Family Law who will guide you over your rights and possibilities based on your circumstances.

Most of our clients are foreigners dealing with family issues that may cross the boundaries of the Spanish territory, perhaps making their cases even more exceptional and complicated. Contact with our Law Firm and protect your interests and those of your loved ones. Our staff is fully bilingual and we always offer quick response to your queries.

It would be ill-advised for people in Spain facing family issues like divorce to proceed with seeking legal advice. Spanish family law can be difficult to navigate and those backed up by solid legal advice generally get through a family crisis more calmly and find better a resolution to their situation.

Compared to other legal circumstances, family law invariably touches on more personal and emotionally charged matters, which requires your lawyer to be sensitive to your needs. Your legal council needs to keep your best interests in mind and objectively assess the situation while respecting the particular delicacies involved in each case.

Your lawyer will give you much needed council and backing and can represent you through the entire process, whether it’s a divorce fought out in court or an undisputed divorce.

Apart from the delicacy of family situations, family law is also complex, requiring the assistance of a lawyer with the expertise to handle negotiations, represent you in court and deal with the legal complications. This allows you to think ahead and get organized for your family life after resolution of the current situation.


Estate planning

Getting a Spanish will and testament is strongly advised if any part of your estate is in Spain.Planning your estate properly by drawing up a will allows you to be sure your assets are distributed as you intended after you’ve passed away.

Young parents usually have life insurance, but few of them have drawn up a will. Whether you like to think about it or not, one of few the certainties in life is that it will eventually end, so it makes sense to prepare properly for the inevitable and draw up a will or testament.

Should you pass away without having drawn up a will, the law of estate succession applies to the assignation of your assets and the general rules are followed.


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