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Corporate Lawyers in Spain

Corporate Lawyers in Spain


Spanish Business life

Spain can be an attractive place to start a business, whether you’re looking for a base for going into the European market or Ibero-America.

However, you need to be aware that the corporate and tax rules can be difficult to navigate and specialized legal advice is highly recommended when looking to incorporate in Spain.

Should you be self-employed or rather start a company? Which procedures do you need to follow in either case?


Investment-free business

Is it possible to promote products in Spain without investment? Using which business models can you access the Spanish market? It could just be a matter of signing a contract with a Company or individual registered in Spain, rather than substantial investments.


Starting a business in Spain

What is the process to start a business in Spain? What are the timescales needed to perform all administrative procedures and what costs are involved?


A place of business

Business leases are firstly determined by the lease contract, but also by the urban lettings laws. This can give rise to many complications; therefore you should seek the advice of a specialized lawyer before entering into such an agreement.


Debt collection

European businesses, especially in Spain, are suffering from the effects of late payments, or worse; non-payment of debts. It is advisable to make a proper risk-assessment before entering into business with other companies and avoid your business being adversely affected by the problems of other companies.

Bankruptcy in Spain

If you’re a director of a Spanish limited company and have outstanding debts, can you declare bankruptcy? What can you do when an important customer has stopped paying other suppliers? How can you declare bankruptcy in Spain and why should you?


Personal liability of company directors in Spain

If you’re owed money by a Spanish company and it vanishes from their business premises without any trace or warning, can you sue the company’s directors?


All these and many more questions can be answered by our corporate law specialist.