Work Permit in Spain

Work Permit in Spain

Posted by adm4yGog24 in Immigration Law 18 Jul 2013

You may just want to set up a small sales presence in Spain or move your entire company there with all its employees. Either way, the last thing you need is complications with immigration getting between you and running your business.

We deliver immigration law expertise of the highest level together with a proven track record in establishing expatriate’s businesses in Spain. Work permits, investor and corporate visas, resident visas are all part of the immigration solutions to Spain that we successfully and promptly deliver to our customers.


Established businesses can relocate employees to Spain with the assistance of our corporate visa service. This service encompasses the following:



EU nationals




* NIE application service (Numero de Indentificacion de Extranjeros)

* Obtain Spanish residency papers for family members of EU nationals under the family reunion regulations.


non-EU nationals:




* Application for work permit with the company that will be employing you

* Employment contract drafting and signing between the Spanish and the foreign company

* Arranging of temporary employment permits to allow staff from abroad to come into Spain to perform a specific task, such as fitting specialist installations or to coach or take part in a company training of a longer duration.


When work permits have been arranged, we can offer additional services, including:

Obtain citizenship in Spain

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Adapt your work permits to fit your changing circumstances

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Reunite your family so your nearest can join you in Spain

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We guide you with registration of your children born in Spain

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Assist you with all administrative procedures to return to your country of origin

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We keep a close eye on the progress of all applications that are ongoing, as we realize that knowledge about the estimated start dates in Spain of your key staff is essential. We provide you with all the details you need so you can plan your business and be successful; all the time complying with local regulations on tax and labor issues.

We will also follow up on your visas and permits; and contact you when they approach expiry, so we can find solutions before problems can surface.


All of these solutions will be tailored to your particular needs, but we’re able to offer flat fees for most corporate visa services.


Find out more about getting Spanish work permits for your staff by contacting us here.

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