Student Visa for Spain

Student Visa for Spain

Posted by adm4yGog24 in Immigration Law 24 Jul 2013

Foreign students intending to study in Spain must apply for the appropriate visa before arrival, with the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Spanish at your home country. The applicant must provide documentation proving the registration to the course and payment of the academic fees. Nationals of countries which are not required a visa for a stay of 90 days or less, when their study courses do not exceed those 90 days are exempt from requesting for this type of visa.

The applicant must demonstrate through documents that:

– They meet all the requirements to enter and remain in Spain, including the visa to undertake or extend their studies.

– They have been admitted to any Spanish educational center, either public or private.

– They have been admitted to undertake research or non-salaried training with indication of a timetable that involves assistance with an expected duration of at least three months, it needs to include the plan of study, research or training plan.

– In the case of minor students unaccompanied by their parents, they will need parental permission to travel and to conduct studies, stating the school and the duration of their intended stay.

– They have enough financial means to cover the cost of their studies, their stay and return to their country.

When the duration of the study visa exceeds a six months period, the foreign citizen who holds a visa to undertake or extend studies, conduct research or training, unpaid internships, student exchanges or voluntary service, must apply for the foreign student card, within a month from their entry to Spain, at the Immigration Office or local National Police Station.

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