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Real Estate Lawyers in Spain


We specialize in conveyancing and help thousands of client move home every year. Our highly skilled team work to give customers an understanding of the process, the options and the potential pitfalls of the selling & purchasing of residential and commercial property.

Our lawyers can assist you when either purchasing a property, trying to get out of an initiated purchase procedure, selling up or just needing legal advice in any matters surrounding your property.

Conveyancing fees don’t differ a lot between firms. The real gap is in service. Don’t risk possibly the largest investment in your life to uncertainty.

We do not charge extra fees for:

- Conducting council & property searches

- photocopying, phone calls, faxes, postage or sundries;

- advising on any mortgage you may enter into

- arranging the release of any mortgage you may have over your property;

- arranging any extension or variation of the final settlement date;

- any unusual complexities which may arise.

  1. Many of our clients live abroad and we still provide the same quality service. We will keep you fully updated by phone, mail or email – whichever you prefer.

  2. Our modern approach avoids the need for you to visit our offices.



Real Estate Services

Our attorneys will ensure the purchase or sale process is properly done. Protecting the interests of our clients throughout the entire process, from the beginning to the end. Checking if the property has any burden, lacks of license and is free of liens and encumbrances. As well as ensuring all taxes are dully paid.
We will set up all utility contracts so the property will be ready upon your arrival and you can start living in your new residence with your the right foot.
All documents are drafted by our bilingual lawyers so our clients can be fully aware of their content and the terms of the contracts.
Are you house hunting? Real estate transactions in Spain can be a bit of a minefield and you really need a dedicated and motivated solicitor to make sure your interests are protected. Find out about our conveyancing services here.
Thinking of selling your Spanish property? Owners often underestimate the potential for complication in the process of selling real estate and sometimes make the mistake of going without the assistance of a capable lawyer to guide them through it. Find out about our conveyancing for sellers services here.


Property taxation

Non-resident owning a spanish property are liable to pay every year the following taxes:· IBI, which is a local tax charged by the Town Hall

· Non-Resident Income Tax.

. If your Spanish assets exceed the Euros 700,000, you might be subject to Wealth Tax.


Real estate litigation

The developer of your off-plan property is breaching your contract? We will study your case and assist you to cancel your purchase contract. Find out about our property litigation service.

Your tenant is not paying the rent? We’ll help you getting the eviction process underway at the earliest opportunity. Find out about our Tenant Eviction service.