Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Lawyers in Spain

Immigration lawyers in Spain


The assistance of a capable immigration lawyer is invaluable when trying to navigate the Spanish immigration system. Whatever your immigration situation, we can help resolving it successfully.

Whether you are a corporation or a private individual, our law firm can represent you with the highest standards due to our appreciation of all possible complications that can be revealed when dealing with immigration law.

From student visa applications to assistance with work permits or residency issues, we’ve dealt with it all successfully before and can guide you. Sometimes success depends on assessing the specific circumstances of the case properly and applying for the right category of visa.

With constantly evolving immigration laws and changing requirements and procedures, the advice of an immigration lawyer is recommended. It is more complicated to obtain a successful resolution after an application has already been turned down. The insight of our immigration experts will help you avoid such obstacles.

Talk to one of our solicitors and find out if you fulfill the legal requirements.

NIE & NIF Services

The NIE number is an identification number for foreigners in Spain, whether they wish to buy property, work, open a bank account, contract an insurance policy or start a company in Spain they will be required a NIE number.
Those individuals who will buy a property or will set up a company will also need the NIF number, which is a tax identification number, this tax id is obtained at the Tax Office and in order to apply for it you need to have a NIE.

We offer a NIE and NIF service that can deliver the NIE certificate to you at home within 15 days, without travelling to Spain.

Save time and money and take advantage of our hassle-free service.